WASH Project

Community Water and Sanitation

The initiative supported  by GWWI targets vulnerable households with capacity building on community hygiene, water treatment at house hold level, entrepreneurial skills in  soap making technology and toilet digester. We have trained 2 women groups with 25 members each. We also train on water harvesting techniques and construction of composting toilets local youths and women are trained on how to make blocks using the ISSB technology that is environmental friendly using solar for curing as opposed to the traditional bricks that require firewood for curing hence destroying the environment it will also be a source of income for the groups once they start sale of the blocks. The initiative also focuses on harnessing solar energy coupled with the fireless cooker to cook which is a key resource along the Lake Region and Western Kenya this will reduces use of fire wood hence environmental conservation and will also reduce diseases caused by inhaling smoke.                                                

COMPE has benefited from the East Africa training program implemented by WWNRC /GWWI on Water and sanitation ISSB technology to construct water tanks and  toilets, this has seen, the staff being trained   and the community benefit. It has not only reduced the distance to fetch water but has improved access to safe clean water , reduced incidences of  disease and girl child education enhanced. 100 households have benefited from the water kiosk built in collaboration with SI Maseno Club Kisumu.

Women constructing ISSB water tank    Accessing water from a water kiosk